I am reachable at p i l s k g e t[the at sign]hotmail.com. I won't support facebook by doing new posts until they take the racism on their platform seriously.

A small language compiling into bytecode

No source included. No manual yet. No Windows compiled binary yet. Syntax is C-like with exception for "for-loop" and function seems to work for now. A lot to do before usable in any serious sense.

A simple interpreter

No source included. Memleaks vanquished. The program shouldnt work but it seems to do this far. Arguments to function now works ok. Run at your own risk. No manual yet. It uses C-style "if" and "while" and a mix of C and BASIC for "for loop". "&&" and "||" should be working and also of course in combination. "defun x (a,b,c) {statements;};" to declare functions calling them with functioname(arg); like "x (expr a, expr b, expr c);". This upload may be updated. Updated stardate 2018-09-20. Example of runnable code( broken link due to abandonment, may readd). Example of output. In windows at CMD-prompt "tolk.exe < code". Yeah, btw send me your shekels, thank you. Also I've fixed the calling function by argument "bug" but only for the linux version and I don't bother recompiling it for windows again.

About C language source

Source for unusable X86 OS in C language.

About Stensjuk source

OOP concept in regular C. Memory leak but runnable. Just put a free or maybe more at the end if it bothers you. Need some frees at the end. AFAIC not my concern anymore.

About X86 Assembler

Basically unusable as the C-language counterpart. Meditor/prompt (med.asm) doesn't work so dont bother. Rather clean approach in general though.

About X86 Assembler code

This is some code I wrote some night belonging to the AssemblerOS. It draws a line from X1,Y1 to X2,Y2.